About My Blog

Welcome to my blog! I am so excited to have you here!

On this blog you will find helpful tips for how to be happier and healthier in your everyday life. You will discover that Organic really does Matter from the farm to the table, from the bottle to your body and home.
Taking control of your health and happiness is more just exercising and eating some veggies.

My Philosophy is:
I believe diets are short term and are not sustainable hence the reason why so many of us fail on the latest and greatest way to achieve weight loss.  I encourage making educated healthy choices everyday. I believe you must like the way the food you eat tastes. I believe that you should eat in a way that balances your body physically and emotionally. I believe in eating whole foods, Organic in nature and local if available. I believe that you should shop with price and convenience in mind so that it makes sense for your budget. I believe in cooking at home so that you are in control over what ingredients are in your food. I believe in caring for your mind, body and relationships so that you can live a happy and healthy life. You have the wisdom within you to accomplish all of this and you will never need to try the latest and greatest diet again.

It is my dream that I can make this a reality for each you!

Terry Sigmond, LN and Nutrition and Wellness Health Coach


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